Which of these best describes your journey into work each day?
When it comes to health, what is most important to you?
What does your weekend look like?
How would you describe your relationship with your smartphone?
What's your go-to after-work activity?
Which of these best sums-up your favourite hobby?
Nice one! Here are the benefits most relevant to you and your career:

Season ticket loan For many commuters, the cost of an annual season ticket offers a significant discount on the yearly fee. However, covering the cost – which could be thousands of pounds – can be prohibitive. A season ticket loan is the ideal solve.

Cycle to Work schemes - The Halfords Cycle2work scheme is a government scheme that, if your employer is signed-up, means you can buy a brand-new bike and safety gear for a discounted price.

Company car - If you spend a lot of time driving to and from work or to meet clients, a company car – where you pay tax on the value of the car – could be especially valuable.

Working from home policy - If you have a cumbersome commute, or your commute is simply cost-prohibitive, the ability to work from home regularly can provide welcome respite.

Dental / medical insurance - Private healthcare isn't always affordable so medical and dental insurance is a popular work perk. Expense or only pay the first £100 of dental or medical appointment costs and avoid long waiting times to book appointments.

Sick pay - Employers can help you future-proof your finances in the event of illness or injury. Beyond Statutory Sick Pay, employers differ in the short-term and long-term financial support they can offer.

Confidential support helpline Mental and emotional wellbeing is important. Confidential support may be offered by an employer such as a 24 hour phone counselling service or sessions on how to deal with stress or anxiety.

A wellness package - Massage, meditation, a subsidised or free gym membership… as wellness has become a key consideration in the UK, many employers have added benefits to boost employees' mental and physical wellbeing.

Financial family support - Childcare vouchers, paid maternity and paternity leave, family planning support: employers offer a variety of benefits which make the work/life balance more manageable for those with family commitments.

Membership cards and discount vouchers - Many employers have partnerships with organisations that provide vouchers, gift cards, memebership cards and ecodes. These often offer discount at many high street retailers, bars and restaurants

Flexible working - Flexible working can mean working remotely, or during different hours than the usual 9 to 5. As technology advances, employers are increasingly able to accommodate and encourage flexible working

Training opportunities - Learning and development opportunities help you improve your skills. Some companies offer mentoring, internal and external training and study loans to support continued professional developed.

Early upgrade - If being an early adopter of new technology is your thing, look out for work perks like one-off extra payments which you could put towards an early upgrade.

Company device policies - Being able to take your laptop or other devices home, abroad or to events is really useful in an age of working remotely and flexible hours. Check a company device policy before taking something with you.

Work phone - When you need 24-hour access to Wi-Fi or data, a work phone enables you to be on-call, work remotely and access information when off-site.

Expensed contract - It's useful to have a smartphone, but the bills can be a worry. If you use your phone for work purposes, you may be eligible to expense your contact, or receive a set amount towards your phone bill.

Clubs and activities - From sports clubs to book clubs or a drink after work in the pub, social activities organised and/or funded by your boss can boost staff morale and influence productivity.

Free food and drink - Endless (and free!) hot drinks, snacks or meal offers might entice to you to work for certain companies. Perks like free fruit can help you to live healthier for less.

Team-building events - Team-building events and off-site activities encourage team bonding, creativity and can offer welcome relief from routine.

Pet care - From subsidised pet care to an office dog, depending on employer and industry, you may be able to bring your pets to work or receive financial support or flexible hours to help with their care.

Buy and sell holiday days - Many companies offer the chance to buy a set number of extra holiday days each year, paying back the salary difference in installments. Ideal for those who like a long weekend.

New technology - As technology advances, employers are increasingly able to provide the latest devices, new online tools and resources and accommodate flexible mobile working.

Further education Higher/further education loans or paying for professional qualifications may be available to you.

Unlimited holidays - Unlimited holidays is an alien concept to most, but is offered by companies and it's an enticing prospect! Perfect for those always planning their next trip.